The leadership team of Stephen Landau and Annie Gilbert are taking their shared experiences to create an agency that focuses on the strategy, creative approach, and project management of interactive projects for experiential brands. We have deep experience in the travel and tourism industry, learning firsthand the challenges that DMOs encounter and creating the opportunities that set them apart.

The Forest takes advantage of a shifting agency workforce by having a distributed team of skilled craftspeople at hand to enhance and extend our core offerings. These auxiliary team members are trusted experts in their respective fields, available to implement the defined project plan in development, as well as adding value in consulting on strategy as it relates to specific technologies, industries, or specialized project needs.

Stephen Landau

The heart of the organization is Stephen Landau. As Creative Director and Principal, Stephen works with clients to understand their brand, business, and interactive objectives in order to accurately communicate these things through content strategy, user experience, and design. Stephen is a member of The International Academy of Digital Arts and Sciences and annually acts as a judge for the Webby Awards. He speaks at the local, regional, and national level on subjects such as content strategy and interactive brand. (You can learn more about Stephen on LinkedIn – https://www.linkedin.com/in/stlandau)

Annie Gilbert

The brains are Annie Gilbert. As Project Director and Principal, Annie coordinates all of the moving parts to make sure everyone is getting what they need so they can complete their tasks. With a deep understanding of interactive design, user experience, and technology implementations, Annie can take the most complex problems and clarify them to their simplest terms. Annie is active in the Portland project management community via the “PDX Digital PM” group, and participates in volunteer mentorship and consulting. (You can learn more about Annie on LinkedIn – https://www.linkedin.com/in/anniegilbert)